Process of founding a company

Setting up a company in Dubai takes approximately 4-6 weeks, including the visa process & account opening. The visa process requires a stay of 5 working days.

1. Counselling interview

During the free consultation, we will work with you to find out which form of business is best suited for you and your company. You will then receive a non-binding offer from us, including a timetable tailored to you for your company formation and your 5-day stay in Dubai.

2. Document preparation

If we decide on a partnership together, we will send you a checklist with all the information and documents we need from you to set up a company in Dubai. We will then take care of all the applications and communication with the authorities for you.

3. Company incorporation in Dubai

Once we have received all the information & documents from you, we will incorporate your company in Dubai, which is perfect for you & your business activities. Company incorporation in Dubai takes approximately 5 working days. We will then send you all the company documents and prepare the visa process.

4. Visa application

A visa is required in the United Arab Emirates in order to open a private and/or business account. We will apply for this after the company has been established in Dubai. Once this is obtained you will need to travel to Dubai for 3-5 working days to complete the process for your visa & Emirates ID.

5. Dubai stay

Once your temporary visa has been issued, you will need to travel to Dubai for 3-5 working days to complete the medical examination and an appointment with the authorities. We will prepare all the necessary documents for these appointments and accompany you so that you receive your visa & Emirates ID afterwards.

6. Account opening

After receiving your visa & Emirates ID, we will immediately apply for your business account so that you can start doing business with your company in Dubai as soon as possible. If required, we will also take care of opening a private account for all shareholders & managing directors of your company in Dubai.

We support you with opening a bank account

If you open a company in Dubai, you need a so-called Corporate Bank Account and this usually includes the following:

  • Online banking
  • Bank card
  • Cheque book
  • Multi-currency account
  • Credit card (possibly after 1 year)

The relevant requirements on the part of the UAE Central Bank have been tightened again in recent weeks and months. The respective local banks are of course subject to these regulations and are obliged to implement them accordingly. In principle, it does not matter whether the company in question is based in the free zone or on the mainland, the requirements are usually the same.

It is important to present the respective company to the bank accordingly and, of course, to provide the requested documents and information. We also support you in this process and initiate everything.

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    Our promise – business account or money back

    Opening a business account with a company in Dubai is often a challenge due to the strict guidelines of the banks. We guarantee a fast & smooth opening of your personal & business account as we maintain best relationships with local & international banks.

    If we consider that an account opening is not possible for you due to your business activity, we will reject you as a client in advance.