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Our extensive scope of services includes company formations in Dubai, Canada and many other countries. We organize VISA, bank accounts and licenses. We create global company structures tailored to your needs and industries. Send us an inquiry and we will create a free concept and offer for you.

  • Dubai company licence with 100% ownership
  • All licence & service fees included
  • Application for company formation
  • Payment & correspondence authorities
  • Lifelong WhatsApp & email support
  • Visa application
  • Instructions & support for account opening
  • Arrangement of on-site appointments
  • Driver & escort for on-site appointments
  • Opening of personal & business account
  • Communication with banks
  • Preparation of all bank documents
  • Company formation in Canada and many other countries
  • Global company constructs

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    No, residence in Dubai is not mandatory for setting up a company or obtaining a visa.

    The company formation itself takes five working days. The entire visa process takes about two weeks, of which you need to be on site in Dubai for five working days. After that, it takes about another week to get your bank account.

    No travel is required for the company formation itself. You only need to travel to Dubai for 5 working days to obtain your visa. After that, it is sufficient if you enter the United Arab Emirates for at least 24 hours every 6 months.

    No visa is required to set up a company. However, local banks in the UAE require at least one director or shareholder to have a residence visa in order to open an account.

    However, opening an account without a residence visa can be done at international banks.

    The visa for company founders – also called Investor Visa – is valid for 2 years and can be easily extended after expiry.

    Investors who purchase a property worth €500,000 or more in Dubai are eligible for a Golden Visa valid for 10 years. If you would like to find out more or buy a property in Dubai, please feel free to contact us.

    Yes, as long as you have a valid Residence Visa & Emirates ID, you are eligible to live in Dubai.

    The costs of setting up a company in Dubai depend in principle on the chosen location, the business purpose and the legal form of the company. In addition, licence fees, office rents and legalisation and translation costs for incorporation documents must be taken into account.

    In principle, the costs for setting up a company in Dubai including a visa – depending on the service – range between € 8,250.00 & € 11,000.00. If you already have a visa in the United Arab Emirates or do not want to open a local bank account, then the costs are €4,450.00.

    A so-called free zone (also known as a free trade zone, duty-free or tax-free zone) refers to a clearly defined and isolated area with certain tax, customs and import regulations that differ from those of the mainland. Free zones primarily serve the purpose of providing foreign investors with a wholly foreign-owned company, a simplified incorporation process (compared to incorporation on the mainland) and duty-free import and export of goods.

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